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The World Cryobiology and Biobanking Conference


PlaceFengda International Hotel, Hefei, China

The conference for Cryobiology, Biopreservation technology, Cryopreservation instruments and Biobanking technologies is going to be held in China for the first time. Outstanding s cientists of low temperature engineering, Medical scientists, Entrepreneurs and young scholars contributed in Fundamental research of cryobiology, cryopreservation, Cryobiology translational medicine, Cryobiology technology for animal & plant and biobanking (Gene, Cell, organ library) and other field experts will come together to share innovation in research and academic.

The conference is jointly organized by the 54th Annual meeting of the Society for cryobiology, the Chinese Medicine and Biotechnology Association (CMBA), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the Chinese Medicine and Biotechnology Association (CMBA) Tissue Biobanking Branch, Anhui Medical University, and the Biobank Association with several other Chinese societies as co-organizer.


evealing the mechanism of survival/death of cryopreservation,

Exchanging cutting edge preservation technology of life resource

Educating the international biobank standard

Various bio-technology and its application in precision medicine


Plenary Lecture (Including ISBER Best Practices)

Past, current and elected chairmen of the Society for Cryobiology (SFC). Former, current and elected Chairmen of the International Association of Biological and Environmental Resources (ISBER), experts from American Association Blood Banks (AABB), American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and other distinguished Chinese and foreign scientists are going to present series of lectures and conduct training sections, covering: the principles and research methods of low temperature injury with cryopreservation of cells, tissues, organs, cryoprotectants and their characteristics, the latest technology of cryopreservation, vitrification preservation technology, cryosurgery, structural technology, regulations, ethics and management of biobanks with international standards.

Technical Innovation Symposia

Fundamental research of cryobiology Symposium;

Cutting edge biopresevation technology;

Entrepreneur Symposium;

Cryopreservation of blood cells and blood products;

Cryopreservation of stem cells and immune cells ;

Cryopreservation of germ cells and tissues ;

Cryopreservation for Animal and Plant  ;

Precision medicine and cryopreservation of gene。

General Secretariat
Qianfeng Yu (Scientific affair): 17755195307 
Jingman Xu (Registration):: 021-51320288-5203 
Yanping Xu::021-51320288-5307 
Xiaoyan Zhang:021-51320288-5415 
Hai  Liu:13818219973






The meeting time: July 20-23, 2017 Location: China - hefei
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