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Barbara M. Reed

Research Plant Physiologist at USDA-ARS
Oregon State University
Oklahoma State University
The research encompasses four related areas:

1. Development of improved and broadly applicable methods for tissue culture of crop germplasm at the repository. The specific objective is the identification of media, growth regulators, and other growth factors for the culture of a range of genotypes within each genus represented at NCGR, Corvallis.

2. Development of low temperature or other slow growth storage techniques for in vitro cultures. The specific objective is to provide conditions for in vitro backup of the germplasm collections that can also be used throughout the world germplasm community. A cold storage collection is monitored to collect data on the storage life of individual accessions in culture. Alternative methods of room temperature storage are explored.

3. Development of cryopreservation methods to facilitate the future storage of germplasm in liquid nitrogen. Experiments are performed to evaluate pretreatment techniques, cryoprotectants, freezing protocols and recovery stages. New techniques and protocols are developed or adapted for the range of plant response. Germplasm screening determines the applicability of a specific technique to a broad range of genotypes. Technology transfer of cryogenic techniques to other genetic resources labs.

4. Evaluation of the genetic stability of in vitro-stored plants and cryopreserved meristems.

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The meeting time: July 20-23, 2017 Location: China - hefei
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